Micropolarization carried out according to professor Sheliakin's guidelines is safe

This method neither damages brain cells nor impairs their functions. The history of research on the influence of electricity on brain tissue started in 19th century. Since the 1960's numerous research and publications confirm  both the effectivness and safety of micropolarization. In one study over 600 children who undergone both classical physiotherapy and micropolaization have been  examined. Positive results were observed in most of them. To this day over there are over 2000 patients with different neural system disorders including severe epilepsy cases in St. Petersburg alone who have undergone micropolarization therapies.

During micropolarization a direct current of a very low intensity is applied. It is comparable to the physiological processes occurring in the living organism. Analysis of a number of experimental studies showed that the most appropriate and physiological effects on the nervous system and the gradual improvement of its functioning can be achieved by using weak direct current. Control tests conducted in patients confirm the positive effect of micropolarization on the results of EEG, and EP (EP-evoked potentials).

Chronic damage to the central nervous system (CNS) is a pathology that can cause a variety of pathological processes. The purpose of the micropolarization  therapy  is to  "acquire" additional structures and systems which are resistant to pathological reactions. This is a long-lasting process, which must be repeated several times in order to strenghten the positive patterns  for CNS. Thanks to the involvement of the caudate nucleus and the amygdala, which are a natural "brake" for CNS,  micropolarization can be helpful in the prevention of pathological reactions, help controlling them and progressively eliminate them using the CNS "brake mechanism". This process also includes epileptic source localizations.

In order to produce strong positive effects and use them to create new benchmarks for the functioning of the CNS, it is necessary to create a new functional state of the CNS by qualitative changes in brain activity, its structures and systems. This change in the CNS organization is long-lasting and requires repeated cycles. The result is activation of the control system of the pathological CNS reactions. Therefore, we recommend a 2 to 4 months interval between micropolarization sessions.

The task of micropolarization is to run the self-regulatory mechanisms and thus creation of new or "fixing" malfunctioning connections in the CNS and consequently improvement in functioning of the whole organism. Micropolarization is a method with a strong impact on the CNS, however, this method is completely safe and neither it causes neuronal damage (eg. lack of neuronal damage marker in the form of increased concentrations of serum neuron-specific enolase), nor changes in imaging (MRI) or the pathologic EEG waves.

The appearance of adverse symptoms or reactions may be associated with the elimination of malfunctioning connections, or activation of new ones that are to replace them. Therefore, it is essential to fill out the diary, which will help us to constantly analyze the effects of the therapy of your child and adjust treatment parameters if necessary.
First effects of the therapy can be seen after 3 - 4 sessions (typically 5 -10 days after completion of the session although in some cases up to a month).

Please note the following in the diary if occurred:

  • ­symptoms before starting the micropolarization therapy
  • ­symptoms that occurred during the therapy (+)
  • ­escalation of symptoms: weak (+), moderate (++), strong (+++)
  • ­descalation of symptoms: weak (+), moderate (++), strong (+++)
Download the therapy diary

Please also note any changes in behavior or condition of the patient, as well as occurrence or disappearance  of any other symptoms than those mentioned and/or other therapies during the micropolarization therapy course.

The forthcoming month after the therapy please give us a weekly feedback on the effects the therapy.